Posted by: kurtdman24 | July 4, 2012

Wildwood Restaurants – Pompeo’s on the Boardwalk

Pompeo's Boardwalk Wildwood

In Wildwood, you can be the best just by saying so.

Pompeo’s at the north end of the Wildwood boardwalk proclaims itself to be “The Best Breakfast on the Boardwalk”. It doesn’t say who rated it as such; not sure that you’ll find such a rating on Yelp or TripAdvisor. When I asked the waitress who rated it the best, she shrugged and answered “the customers”.

Truth be told, there isn’t a lot of heavyweight competition. Other than Adam’s a few steps away, most boardwalk joints serve to-go breakfast sandwiches that could easily come from a breakfast truck if such a thing existed here. So it’s not like Pompeo’s needs to step up to their game to compete with the Chez Boardwalk.

Disclaimers aside, though, I think they may be right.

Pompeo’s is a fairly small breakfast eatery located right in front of the boardwalk; patrons sitting by the window have a fine view of the early morning bikers and runners that pass by getting their vacation exercise in, and while the beach is bigger in North Wildwood these days, you can still have a view of the ocean and even the occasional flying dolphin.

As far back as I can remember going to Pompeo’s the people running the place have been the same–they claim as much on their sign at least as far as the chef. Which means that people have good memories of the place, sort of the opposite of a restaurant advertising that they’re “under new management” to bring back the folks that the foolish ownership alienated before.

Pompeo's Wildwood NJ

The well-presented and fluffy omelet.

Thanks to the lovely folks at the Matador Motel, Mrs. Wildwoods Guy and I were able to sit down for a breakfast there recently. The service was perfectly good…our waitress apologized profusely when she left toast on my celiac wife’s plate and corrected the problem very quickly. I tried to take it easy on my stomach after a big Italian meal the night before, and had a three-egg cheese omelet.

The omelet is served with decent home fries and ample toast. The appearance is tasteful, with the omelet arriving in a nice shape (too many Jersey diners screw this up). The eggs also had a much fluffier quality to them, enough that I asked the waitress to ask the chef what the secret was. She returned with a smile saying that there wasn’t any secret. Of course, the secret ingredient is love.

All in all we have had outstanding breakfasts at Pompeo’s, so with all due respect for Adam’s, which is still very good, I won’t argue with the “Best Breakfast on the Boardwalk” claim.


17th Avenue and Boardwalk

North Wildwood, NJ 08260

(609) 522-7029


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